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  • £45.00

    If you are growing in soil or hydroponic gardens and notice that your plants are looking great but not producing well or have been suffering from spider mites, powdery mildew, or wilting, then you need to invest in Flying Skull’s enzyme cleanser. This impressive probiotic plant product eliminates root-related problems and keeps irrigation equipment clean and working properly.

  • £35.00



    Hygrozyme’s enzyme

    breaks down old roots into food for your plants,

    it keeps the rhizosphere (root-zone) disease-free.

    Hygrozyme is made from earth-friendly natural ingredients and can also be used to prepare growing substrates for use a second time.

  • £30.00

    The Greenhouse Powder Feed – short flowering is a simple alternative way to feed your plants. This Short Flower

    nutrient is for plants which once flowered, have a short flowering or auto flowering life cycle

    . The feed can be used at different strengths as the plants progress from seedlings or cuttings into mature larger plants.