Photon LED is a UK based company producing some of the most powerful Grow lights on the planet.

It is the Photon mantra that in order to create the best grow lights, two key issues must be addressed – the quality of light spectrum & light intensity.

During the 1970s, a Dr Keith J McCree revised and created “The McCree Curve”. The McCree Curve outlines a plants average response to different colour wavelengths and each wavelengths importance to plant growth.

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Agricultural Organics Bloom Flower A / B


Agricultural Organics are an Australian based, owned & operated liquid fertilizer company, bringing science and nature together to give you what they state as “the most advanced floriculture feed system available”.

Commonly known to the growing community as “the yellow bottle range”,

These multi-stage nutrients cover every part of the growing cycle.


The ingredients Bloom use to formulate their range are mostly derived from either plants,

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Torus Hydro PerfectPH – Natural Ion PH Balancer

This is a revolutionary product in the field of PH stabilisation.

A new solution over the regular age-old PH up / PH down debacle.


PH is the measure of alkaline or acidity in an aqueous solution

If a solution is acidic then it has a PH range of 0 to 6.9

If a solution is alkaline then it has a PH range of 7.1 to 14

Pure or deionised water is neutral at PH 7.0


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Green Qube – Quick Qube

“The UK manufactured indoor grow tent that pops up and doesn’t give up!!”

Without a doubt, some of the strongest & best engineered grow tents in the industry, the Green Qube is basically an industrial Gazebo that is as simple to erect as it is to take down – essentially in minutes.

Green Qube tents were developed as an answering call to the needs of the grow industry for a high quality yet low cost grow tent.

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Lock Down Pads. Bugs on Lock Down!

Here at Bill and Ben’s, we value the little things as much as the big things. We could sell you a plant master 3000 with a high price tag if that’s what you need, but have you also thought about those more basic details in your grow like protecting your plants from marauding invaders?? It can and does happen.


Expensive grow setups are all well & good but if you don’t take care of the smaller details like pest control,

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PLANT RAVE?  Not quite :)

PLANT RAVE? Not quite :)

PLANT RAVE?  Not quite 🙂 🙂  


Ok, so this is my 1st official post as “The newest member of the Bill & Bens team”.


My name is Luke Mcmillan and I have taken this job on as I have a thirst to learn about the hydroponics industry, learn some minor gardening tips (which I’m sure will expand over time) & to learn about the art of self sufficiency (I moved to a house with a big garden last year &

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Diffuse Air from Global Air Supplies (G.A.S.)

Here a new thing we’re excited about 🙂

Diffuse Air is an adjustable ceiling suspended aerodynamically efficient fan air diffuser that works well in small and large spaces.  It actually directs air from inside or outside of the grow room and forces it over the canopy exactly where it is required. This rethinks the traditional way of introducing fresh air from the bottom of the room and relying on the heat to make it rise which depletes CO2 in the process.  

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Why is the environment so crucial in grow rooms


When we grow indoors we have to replicate mother nature and provide all the things that she does in the environment.  Some of the main factors are temperature, adequate air supply, extraction and movement, all of which are such an important factor in a growing environment that they cannot be overstated.  

Plants are just like us, they feel the cold and get hungry and thirsty and if you are uncomfortable in your growing environment then so your plants will be as well!  

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The importance of air in the grow room


Daytime temperatures around 24/25ºC are optimal but hard to achieve without the help of fan’s to expel hot stale air.  The night time temperature wants to drop no more than 7ºC than that of the daytime temperature to prevent stretch happening between the branches.

A number of plants species stop growing under 15ºC degrees celcius & get too hot over 30ºC.  Certain nutrients become immobile and therefore unavailable to the plant at temperatures below 17ºC.  

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Earth Substrates And Growing Media

When buying media for your grow room you should first decide what you want in your end product?  Is it quality medical high end organic soil grown produce which has an amazing taste and smell or do you use choose a soilless hydroponic method of cultivation that can achieve higher yielding crops with good flavour and mature quicker.  Which ever way you decide to grow we stock a wide range of media to suit all your growing requirements and budget.

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