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  • £19.99£145.99

    Aptus All in One Liquid is a 100% mineral-based fertilizer suited for all mediums and systems. It can be used from the vegetative phase all the way through to flowering/maturation phase

  • £70.00£75.00

    With a 100L nutrient solution holding capacity this golliath of a DWC  hydroponic bubbler system is what you need to grow true monster plants


  • £35.00

    C-RESULT is an amazing tool which ensures that the plant absorbs 80-90% of all fertilisers during the flowering phase.

    C-RESULT acts as a transport system for minerals to move in and out of the root zone when needed.


  • £79.95£475.95

    Our Green-Qube grow rooms are part of our flagship grow tent range. Quality is guaranteed with superior technology-led materials, high-quality components, innovative features and tested strength of over 100kg! Most of the Green-Qube range now comes in two height options 2m OR 2.2m.



  • £240.00£412.00

    Hyper Fan’s Laminar Flow Fan Blade & Stator Technology create optimal airflow similar in design to an aeroplane jet engine. The result is very high CFMs and exceptional static pressure performance. The Hyper Fan Stealth delivers the highest CFMs per W of any silenced fan in the industry.

  • £45.00

    Bio-Granules are a purely natural product, pressed from the ripe seeds of the Neem tree. This dried extract has been used for centuries against the harmful nematodes living in the soil but has no effect on beneficial insects living in the soil. BIO-GRANULES also accelerate root development and overall plant growth. It breaks the life cycle (egg and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Root-knot, Root lesion nematodes, cutworm, centipede, rough woodlouse, crane fly, carrot fly and Fungus gnat) and the springtails and root lice in the Hydroculture.

  • £194.90

    The Ec, Ph & tempprature level of horticutural nutrient solutions strongly influences crop performance.  Bluelab Combo Meter Plus measure the value’s of a solution with this easy to use & easy to read meter.

  • £0.50£2.00

    Dual core construction;black on the inside=lightproof!
    ;white on the outside=heat reflection!
    Quality British manufacturing.

  • £120.00

    Rhino Filters are constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the purest activated carbon in the world. It is then tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface that is ultra-effective at scrubbing pollutants from the air.