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Wiltshire’s Largest Hydroponic Superstore – for all your horticultural needs!

Welcome to Bill & Bens HydroWorld Online Hydroponic Superstore! We hope you find it easy to navigate, informative and well-stocked.

Bill and Bens HydroWorld is Wiltshire’s largest supplier of quality Hydroponic and Aquaponic equipment for the horticultural industry and hobbyists alike.

Here you can;

  • Check out our informative videos on Youtube
  • keep up with the latest developments in the Hydroponics and Aquaponics world through our blog
  • you can even stream or download music to grow by from our own in house DJ Rob Vega
  • Sign up for our monthly information sheets or weekly special offers.
  • We promise we won’t share any of your details with 3rd parties unless you have opted in for such and we won’t bombard you with mountains of emails

If you would prefer to speak to us in person – rather than buy online – you can come along to our 2000 square foot out of town store. Established in 2011 and run by friendly, helpful and experienced staff. Fully stocked with the best hydroponics, aquaponics and intensive horticultural products from many leading manufacturers.

On this website (and in our store) you will find the most extensive range of plant nutrients, growing substrates, grow lights, LED’s and grow tents in the county. You will also find numerous ‘off-the-shelf’ automated watering system, or we can create a bespoke arrangement for hydroponic or soil/organic growing. 

For low-cost hydroponic options for a beginner to the very latest eco lighting solutions that money can.

You’ll find us on the edge of Chippenham, just 30 minutes from Swindon & Bristol

Whether you use our website or call into our store, we’re always ready to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on social media, email or phone. If you need any additional information or advice on hydroponic and aquaponic solutions or to chat about any subjects within our site.

We have an extensive range of plant nutrients, grow lights and grow tents

We’d love to hear from you!

Rob, Gordon & The Bill & Ben’s Hydro Crew

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